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  • Reminder: Tonight Project S____ (Siena/Spark)

    by Jay Kimble | Feb 26, 2014
    Tonight at AgileThought, Josh and Jay Kimble will present 2 topics for building Apps in WIn8 with minimal to no coding involved.

    We're also celebrating the INETA's Birthday this month. If you want to come email jkimble@intradynamics.net (RSVP is just about done right now, but we still have some space).
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  • XAML, WIndows8, and Walt Rischer

    by Jay Kimble | Jul 15, 2013

    Tampa Bay Windows Dev is having Walt Rischer in on Tuesday, August 6th. We don't have a topic settled, but it should be awesome.

    If you are unfamiliar with Walt, here's his bio from O'Reilly:

    Walt's enthusiasm for crafting software interfaces blossomed early. Just a few days after discovering how to make pixels move around the screen of a borrowed computer he was devouring books on the topic of computer graphics and UI design. Now he travels the world speaking at software conferences and teaching a diverse portfolio of programming topics for corporate clients. On the consulting side he continues to work with customers like Microsoft, HP, Intel, and Intuit and enjoys being part of the Wintellect consultant group. Recently he has entered the video training market producing .NET titles for Lynda.com He writes for several publications including Code Magazine and TechTarget.com. His current UI obsession revolves around the Windows 8 Metro, Silverlight, Surface and WPF APIs. You can find his blog at blog.wpfwonderland.com. Walt is also a Microsoft MVP and author of the free Shazzam WPF Shader utility (shazzam-tool.com).

    He's the author of the HLSL and Pixel Shaders for XAML Developers. He came to the (now defunct) Silverlight User Group 2 years ago, and rocked all our world on his ability to take a pretty complex topic and made it understandable for a number of us (who were not rocket scientists... in other words, Jay). You do not want to miss him.

    RSVP Here

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  • re:BUILD 2013

    by Jay Kimble | Jun 26, 2013
    So the BUILD party has begun... If you are like me sitting in the office wishing you could have gone to BUILD, well you can enjoy some of the joy on July 9th at the AgileThought offices. You can RSVP here - http://rebuild21013.eventbrite.com/
    BTW, thanks for those of you who came out for a Game Maker day in May (we're hoping to do something like this again in the not too distant future).
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  • Portable Class Libraries, and Identity/Authentication - Apr 16th

    by Jay Kimble | Apr 04, 2013
    At our next meeting, Matt Olson and Jay Kimble will present a couple interesting topics.

    Jay Kimble will be showing us some stuff he's been doing with PCLs and discuss how they really can make it possible to develop a library one time and just simply use elsewhere.

    Matt Olson has will also do a presentation on Identity/Authentication using Windows Identity Foundation.

    For more info and to RSVP click here.
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  • A new APPortunity

    by Jay Kimble | Mar 13, 2013
    In case you haven't heard, Microsoft is giving out cash prizes to folks for publishing apps. Actually by promoting the contest our User Group can earn money as well. You can learn more about it as well as register your apps, here: http://bit.ly/11u2HrA. (Yes, it specifically points to Jay, but he always gives this stuff back to our group be it gifts for the holidays in December or an event sponsorship).

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  • re:BUILD - November 27th, 2012, 6PM

    by Jay Kimble | Nov 07, 2012

    Way back in the day we used to have an annual re:MIX event that occured the next meeting after the MIX conference. Well, MIX is no more and last year we weren't prepared to do this..

    Enter re:BUILD

    Our conference recap event with lightning talks all night will happen Tuesday, November 27th starting at 6pm. We have food, we have a venue (the MS Offices), we have a few speakers lined up (and will have a few more soon)... We have a barrage of content from the conference so we are ready to roll!

    Call for Speakers

    If you went to BUILD (or just watched a lot of content), we want you to come speak to us. We aren't looking for polish (or even code). We are looking for passion. What single thing excited you the most at BUILD (beyond the obvious of a Surface, a Nokia 920, AND 100gb of SkyDrive). Come talk about it! Tell us why it was cool to you, and what it means for the rest of us! Contact jkimble@intradynamics.net if you want to do it.

    This event is not to be missed. It will be a fun time for all (and was always one of our most popular back in the day).

    Speaker lineup thus far:

    • Michael Stark - Azure Mobile Services
    • David Buksbaum - C++ plus WPF Highlights (In WIndows8)
    • Brian Kassay -TBD (SignalR and WebAPI)
    • Nikita Polyakov - WP8 Stuff
    • Kevin Wolf - 50ft overview of DirectX (in WIndows 8)
    • Bill Reiss - MonoGame and Buddy.com APIs
    • And You! (there's still room!)

    Click here to register

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  • September Links

    by Jay Kimble | Sep 25, 2012
    Hey members, 

    If you can do us a favor, please visit these links this month (It helps us provide cool SWAG to you from Microsoft):

    1. Download VS 2012 Express 
    2. Sign up for a 30 day Win8 app dev journey
    3. Download Windows Server 2012
    4. Download VS 2012 Express RC For Win8
    5. Get 90 days of Azure Free
    6. Build Windows Phone App in 30 days
    7. Download System Center 2012 Suite
    8. Signup for Virtual Academy
    These links are very important for our User Group. So, please click them!

    Links from Brian's Presentation

    hanselman.com - Boot to VHD help
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  • Sep 15th, 2012 : Win8-UI Apps Using HTML5 Technology

    by Jay Kimble | Sep 25, 2012
    We've spent a lot of time over the last several months covering XAML/C# techniques for building Windows 8 UI Applications. So we thought it would be cool to be equal opportunity, so tonight we will have an all Html5/JavaScript(WinJS) night (yeah, we know you can also mix in a C# or VB projects into these apps). Brian Kassay will give an intro to building apps with Html5/WinJS. Kris Ivanov will give us more of a practical lessons learned talk. We'll end the night with a Q&A session. Both Jim Blizzard and Joe Healy will be on hand to help us field questions.

    If you haven't registered, we are all filled up. Sorry (you can always email jkimble--at--intradynamics--dot--net and whine about it... maybe he'll let you in).
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  • Next Meeting: Charms & Contracts in WinRT on Tues, July 10th, 2012

    by Jay Kimble | Jun 19, 2012

    On the heals of our fun night of rapid fire speakers! We are going to do an overview night of coding contracts that are accessible from the charms in Windows 8. Here's the topics (and speakers):

    • Search Contract - Michael Stark
    • Share Contract - David Liebman
    • Settings - Paul Beaton
    • File Open/Save Picker - Jay Kimble

    TekSystems will be bringing food in again, so it should be a fun night!

    As usual things will be happening at the MS Offices in Tampa and will start around 6:00pm
    Register here

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  • And We're Back!

    by Admin Admin | Jun 19, 2012
    Whew! Sorry it took so long. We went through a site move and in the process found that the software (MVC4) on our new home wasn't compatible with our old CMS (Orchard CMS) don't mix, so we had to find some time to either fix the problem or move on. Sorry about the wait. This is a brand new Telerik Sitefinity site. We'll be cleaning up the UI later, it was more important to get the site back up so we could have our public face again. Stay tuned.. we'll be announcing the next meeting shortly (but if you look to the right you can see what it is, and if you are on the fla-windev list then you already know. Hang in there things are coming together (and How about that Windows Surface that was just announced yesterday!)

    At the bottom of the home page you will see our list of sponsors. We even have a new one! We are proud to say that this User Group is now Powered by Office 365!
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